While SEO is the hardcore of online marketing and the basis for any advancement in online status, Search Dynamics also offers pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management services for a targeted marketing effort with a quantity driven investment and a quantity driven return. For all SEO and PPC marketing efforts we are able to conduct a demand-chain-analysis. Which, in a nut-shell, means track which keyword has brought which customer to your site and what action this customer chose to take. For example, asked for a quote, filled out a form, or made an actual purchase with the business.

If you are interested in further promoting your business beyond search engines we offer an array of services to market your business into social networks and a method to go mobile and be quickly and elegantly accessed on mobile phones. Ask us about branding and pay-per-click campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or how to customize your website for people looking for you on their smartphones.
All our services are delivered promptly and are presented though periodical reports, showcasing your online marketing action plan and its effectiveness in real-time.

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